Janet has given me pep talks for job interviews and has helped me when I have forgotten my train pass. If it’s a rainy day she asks me if I’ve packed my umbrella. When I moved and took a different train my commutes were lackluster without Janet. When I returned she embraced me like an old friend. “You’ re back!” she exclaimed. ...read more

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While they had been friends since high school the two college dropouts gained considerable exposure to the computer world while working on game software together on the night shift at Atari. The third Apple founder Ron Wayne was also an Atari alumnus.


Talli Osborne is different. Her multicolored mohawk and multiple piercings make her look more like a band member than a motivational speaker. She rides a hot pink scooter with skulls on it. To other “punx” in the punk rock community she’s known as “Nubs” based on the song “She’s Nubs” written about Osborne. She believes that ...read more

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Beat! Beat! Drums!

Beat! beat! drums!—blow! bugles! blow! Through the windows—through doors—burst like a ruthless force Into the solemn church and scatter the congregation Into the school where the scholar is studying Leave...Read more

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