Intact Story


You don’t choose your passion they say, your passion chooses you. The founder of intact world Pratyush Nema experienced the same. Born in 1997, in the street of Seoni, Madhya Pradesh Pratyush was always enchanted by computers. Being a kid, to focus on studies his parents refused to buy him one. However, Pratyush had friends who played video games and operated computers. This made him familiar with them. He loved playing video games and discovering and learning about computers.
In 2012 Pratyush’s dad finally gifted him a computer, which he utilized for learning more about blogs and he immediately started blogging. But this isn’t the end of the story yet. His blogs failed due to no knowledge of marketing. Everyone fails at something, but not everyone stops trying. Pratyush went on searching for better options. He jumped into cyber security industry. He started working as a security researcher and penetration tester.

THE TECH OF SEC and road ahead:

In this industry, Pratyush got the opportunity to work with many big leaders and Companies. In 2017 he published his first Cyber awareness training book, with the name of THE TECH OF SEC. The research and knowledge while writing this book helped him for the formation of Intact. The four years of security researcher experience and writing a book made him realize that many people around the world value the view of others. This view with a proper direction is called feedback. So Pratyush was always super excited about getting feedback from other people for self-review.

The Tough Times:

Pratyush however, found it difficult to focus on his dreams. This was due to one particular incident. Pratyush contributed to his father's shop for dealing with customers. His father was facing a problem, few customers purchased goods and promised to pay after few days but at the time of payment, they deny to pay money, making endless excuses. After coming back without money from customers' home several times, Pratyush decided to find who else was facing this crisis. This was a very tough time for him. After discussing with multiple business owners in various sectors he identifies that a lot of small and medium businessmen were facing this problem. But we never know how and when an idea can come up. One-day Pratyush was taking bath and was thinking about this issue. Immediately Feedback clicks in his mind.
The same day Pratyush had his 4th-semester last exam. He wasn’t able to concentrate on writing on his exams. Anyhow he completed exam and returned home without discussing with his friends. After thinking a lot, he wrote on a paper about a company that provides a feedback platform for individuals that enables users to communicate with transparency and gives them the power to recognize someone before dealing with them directly by reading his/her feedback with visual insights.


Pratyush made a draft about his upcoming dream. A Feedback oriented social network. He named it ELITE. He tried to find a route and achieve his goals. However, due to no knowledge of company formation and legalization, he faced tough times. He was continually experiencing rejections from many business people to believe that, this idea ever becomes a profitable business. Instead of focusing on refusals, he focused himself to determine the problem. He said "Profitability never limits on nature of business. It's a matter of society need. He suffered with anxiety and depression. He wasn’t able to give time to friends or family. However, he never gave up. He went for long walks and meditated to free himself from depression. He worked and worked, trying to find a path. There was lack of finances, which made him to talk to several investors, but he got more and more rejections for his startup plan.

This happened again and again. Every time investors declined interest in this startup. Finally, he decided not to give up and he reviewed his past chats and emails with the investors. And it hit him that he was not able to deliver his ideas to the investors correctly. He learned, this time went to the investors with proper plan and he succeeded. He got awesome responses from many big leaders. Pratyush spent his 8-10 hours without any holiday, developing this platform. Rest of the time he dedicated to networking and marketing.

Source of Motivation-

Pratyush always looked upon his dad as his source of motivation, a simple, hard-working and honest person who owns a shop. His dedication and persistency is one the major reason why Pratyush too never gave up.

The Most Valuable Lesson-


After start working on intact Pratyush didn’t knew programming well. So he handed over entire project to a company, and he was only focusing on market launch planning. Whenever Pratyush asked for updates all he had to do was wait. After 4 months he finally got some results that were not up to the mark. Pratyush waited for another 4 months with the same results.
So he terminated the deal, with financial loss and 8 months of time loss. After this Pratyush started learning coding and began developing intact. The lesson he learnt here was to never depend on just one source. After all Adam Osborne had stated -The most valuable thing you can make is mistake. People don’t learn anything from being perfect.

The Birth of Intact and the road ahead:

Finally, at the eve of New Year 2019, Pratyush launched Intact. Intact now is a feedback-driven privacy-focused social network with hundreds of users posting and sharing their experience. Intact makes receiving tangible recognition simple. Get Real-time feedback for Increasing clarity and alignment with personalized analytics to accelerate personal growth. Intact enables its community of users to foster meaningful connections, forge business relationships, and more. Intact comes with the aim of the global network initiative and constantly working towards making present technologies more transparent. Intact breaks down all gender-based barriers and allow users to connect on an equal level while allowing a chance to safely connect with other users. Intact allows users to meet up with other creative people and find friends with the same profession and with a positive and inspiring culture without any limits.
Eleanor Roosevelt had rightly said it, - “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” It takes nothing to dream however it requires everything to make them a reality.

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