Intact Standards

This Standards describes the information we process for the working of intact.  For additional information, you can access intact Wiki.

Violence and Criminal Behavior

Credible Violence

We aim to forestall potential real-world damage that will be associated with content on Intact. we tend to perceive that folks normally categorical disdain or disagreement by threatening or business for violence in any of the ways. we tend to contemplate the language, context, and details so as to differentiate casual statements from content that constitutes a reputable threat to public or personal safety. In determinative whether or not a threat is credible, we contemplate additional data of a targeted person's public visibility and vulnerability. we tend to take away content, disable accounts, and work with enforcement after we believe there's a real risk of physical damage or direct threats to public safety.

Dangerous Individuals and Organizations

In an endeavor to stop and disrupt real-world damage, we tend to don't permit any organizations or people that proclaim a violent mission or square measure engaged in violence, from having a presence on Intact. This includes organizations or people concerned with the following:

Terrorist activity, Organized hate, Mass or serial murder, Human trafficking, Organized violence or criminal activity, We additionally take away content that expresses support or praise for teams, leaders, or people concerned in these activities.

Promoting or Publicizing Crime

We veto folks from promoting or business enterprise violent crime, theft, and/or fraud as a result of we have a tendency to don't need to excuse this activity and since there's a risk of aper behavior. we have a tendency to conjointly don't enable folks to depict criminal activity or admit to crimes they or their associates have committed. We do, however, enable folks to discussion or advocate for the lawfulness of criminal activities, likewise as address them during a rhetorical or satiric manner.

Coordinating Harm

In an attempt to forestall and disrupt real-world hurt, we tend to command individuals from facilitating or coordinative future activity, criminal or otherwise, that's meant or possible to cause hurt to individuals, businesses, or animals. individuals will draw attention to a hurtful activity that they will witness or expertise as long as they are doing not advocate for or coordinate harm.

Regulated Goods

To encourage safety and compliance with common legal restrictions, we tend to compel makes an attempt by people, makers, and retailers to get, sell, or trade non-medical medicine, pharmaceutical medicine, and marijuana. we tend to additionally compel the acquisition, sale, gifting, exchange, and transfer of firearms, as well as gun elements or ammunition, between personal people on Intact. a number of this stuff doesn't seem to be regulated everywhere; but, owing to the borderless nature of our community, we tend to attempt to enforce our policies as systematically as potential. gun stores and online retailers might promote things accessible purchasable off of our services as long as those retailers befit all applicable laws and rules. we tend to permit discussions concerning sales of guns and gun elements in stores or by online retailers and advocating for changes to firearm regulation. Regulated merchandise that doesn't seem to be prohibited by our Community Standards is also subject to our additional demanding Commerce Policies.

Suicide and Self-Injury

In a trial to push a secure setting on Intact, we tend to take away content that encourages suicide or self-injury, together with the period of time depictions that may lead others to interact in similar behavior. Self-injury is outlined because of the intentional and direct injuring of the body, together with self-mutilation and uptake disorders. we wish Intact to be an area wherever folks will share their experiences, raise awareness concerning these problems, and support one another through troublesome experiences, then we tend to enable folks to debate suicide and self-injury. we tend to encourage folks to supply and to hunt support from each other in reference to these troublesome topics.

We work with organizations around the world to supply help to folks in distress. we tend to additionally speak with specialists in suicide and self-injury to assist inform our policies and social control. for instance, we've been suggested by specialists that we should always not take away live videos of self-harm whereas there's a chance for darling ones and authorities to supply facilities or resources.

We take away any content that identifies and negatively targets victims or survivors of self-injury or suicide seriously, humorously, or rhetorically. People can, however, share data concerning self-injury and suicide to draw attention to the difficulty and permit for discussion ciao as they are doing not promote or encourage self-injury or suicide.

Learn additional concerning our suicide and self-injury policies and therefore the resources that we offer.

Child Nudity and Sexual Exploitation of Children

We don't permit content that sexually exploits or endangers kids. once we become alert to apparent kid exploitation, we have a tendency to report it to the National Center for Missing and Exploited kids (NCMEC), in compliance with applicable law. we all know that generally, individuals share nude pictures of their own kids with smart intentions; but, we have a tendency to usually take away these pictures as a result of the potential for abuse by others and to assist avoid the chance of people reusing or misappropriating the pictures.

We additionally work with external consultants, together with the Intact Safety planning board, to debate and improve our policies and social control around on-line questions of safety, particularly with relevancy kids.

Sexual Exploitation of Adults

We acknowledge the importance of Intact as an area to debate and draw attention to sexual violence and exploitation. we tend to believe this can be a crucial part of building common understanding and community. In a shot to make an area for this voice communication whereas promoting a secure atmosphere, we tend to take away content that depicts, threatens or promotes sexual violence, regulatory offense, or sexual exploitation, whereas additionally permitting area for victims to share their experiences. we tend to take away content that displays, advocates for, or coordinates sexual acts with non-consenting parties or business sexual services, like vice crime and escort services. we tend to do that to avoid facilitating transactions that will involve trafficking, coercion, and non-consensual sexual acts.

To protect victims and survivors, we tend to additionally take away pictures that depict incidents of sexual violence and intimate pictures shared while not permission from the individuals pictured. for added data on these efforts, please visit exploitation Technology to guard Intimate pictures and facilitate Build a secure Community, yet as our guide to reportage and removing intimate pictures shared while not your consent.


Bullying happens in several places and comes in many various forms from creating statements degrading somebody's character to posting inappropriate pictures to threatening someone. we tend to don't tolerate bullying on Intact as a result of we wish the members of our community to feel safe and revered.

We will take away content that purposefully targets personal people with the intention of degrading or shaming them. we tend to acknowledge that bullying may be particularly harmful to minors, and our policies offer heightened protection for minors as a result of they're a lot of vulnerable and liable to online bullying. Ensure instances, we tend to need the individual United Nations agency is that the target of bullying to report content to India before removing it.

Our bullying policies don't apply to public figures as a result of we wish to permit discourse, which frequently includes a vital discussion of individuals United Nations agency that are featured within the news or United Nations agency have an outsized public audience. Discussion of public figures notwithstanding should suit our Community Standards, and that we can take away content concerning public figures that violate different policies, together with hate speech or credible threats.

Our Bullying interference Hub could be a resource for teens, parents, and educators seeking support for problems associated with bullying and different conflicts. It offers stepwise steering, together with on the way to begin vital conversations for folks being afraid, folks United Nations agency has a baby being afraid or defendant of bullying, and educators United Nations agency have students attached bullying.


We don't tolerate harassment on Intact. we would like individuals to feel safe to interact and connect with their community. Our harassment policy applies to each public and personal people as a result of we would like to forestall unwanted or malicious contact on the platform. Context and intent matter, and that we enable individuals to share and re-share posts if it's clear that one thing was shared so as to condemn or draw attention to harassment. additionally to reportage such behavior and content, we tend to encourage individuals to use tools accessible on Intact to assist defend against it.

Objectionable Content, Hate Speech, We don't enable hate speech on Intact as a result of it creates the associated setting of intimidation and exclusion and in some cases might promote real-world violence.

We outline hate speech as an instantaneous attack on folks supported what we have a tendency to decision protected characteristics — race, ethnicity, national origin, spiritual affiliation, sexual orientation, caste, sex, gender, identity, and high illness or incapacity. we have a tendency to conjointly offer some protections for immigration standing. we have a tendency to outline attack as violent or dehumanizing speech, statements of inferiority, or concerns exclusion or segregation. we have a tendency to separate attacks into 3 tiers of severity, as delineated below.

Sometimes folks share content containing somebody else’s hate speech for the aim of raising awareness or educating others. Similarly, in some cases, words or terms which may otherwise violate our standards square measure used self-referentially or in an associate empowering approach. once this can be the case, we have a tendency to enable the content, however, we have a tendency to expect folks to obviously indicate their intent, which helps India higher perceive why they shared it. wherever the intention is unclear, we have a tendency to might take away the content.

We enable humor and social comment associated with these topics. additionally, we have a tendency to believe that folks square measure passed through after they share this type of comment victimization their authentic identity.

Violence and Graphic Content

We take away content that glorifies violence or celebrates the suffering or humiliation of others as a result of it's going to produce associate surroundings that daunt participation. we have a tendency to permit graphic content (with some limitations) to assist individuals to raise awareness regarding problems. we all know that individuals price the power to debate necessary problems like human rights abuses or acts of the terrorist act. we have a tendency to conjointly understand that individuals have completely different sensitivities with relevance graphic and violent content. For that reason, we have a tendency to add a warning label to, particularly graphic or violent content so it's not accessible to individuals underneath the age of eighteen then that individuals square measure awake to the graphics or violent nature before they click to examine it.

Adult Nudity and Sexual Activity

We limit the show of nudeness or gender as a result of some individuals in our community who could also be sensitive to the current form of content. in addition, we tend to default to removing the sexual representational process to forestall the sharing of non-consensual or underage content. Restrictions on the show of gender additionally apply to digitally created content unless it's announced for academic, humorous, or satiric functions.

Our nudeness policies became a lot of nuanced over time. we tend to perceive that nudeness is often shared for a range of reasons, as well as a kind of protest, to boost awareness a couple of causes, or for academic or medical reasons. wherever such intent is obvious, we tend to build allowances for the content. for instance, whereas we tend to limit some pictures of feminine breasts that embrace the teat, we tend to enable different pictures, as well as those depiction acts of protest, girls actively engaged in breastfeeding, and photos of post-mastectomy scarring. we tend to additionally enable pictures of paintings, sculptures, and different art that depict nude figures.

Sexual Solicitation

As noted in Section eight of our Community Standards (Sexual Exploitation of Adults), folks use Intact to debate and draw attention to sexual violence and exploitation. we have a tendency to acknowledge the importance of and need to permit for this discussion. we have a tendency to draw the road, however, once content facilitates, encourages or coordinates sexual encounters between adults. we have a tendency to conjointly limit sexually express language which will result in the solicitation as a result of some audiences at intervals our international community is also sensitive to the present kind of content and it's going to impede the power for folks to attach with their friends and therefore the broader community.

Cruel and Insensitive

We believe that individuals share and connect a lot of freely once they don't feel targeted supported their vulnerabilities. As such, we've higher expectations for content that we tend to decision cruel and insensitive, that we tend to outline as content that targets victims of great physical or emotional hurt.

Integrity and Authenticity, Spam, We work effortlessly to limit the unfold of business spam to forestall false advertising, fraud, and security breaches, all of that trim down from people's ability to share and connect. we tend to don't enable folks to use deceptive or inaccurate data to gather likes, followers, or shares.


Authenticity is the cornerstone of our community. we tend to believe that the folks' area unit a lot of answerable for their statements and actions once they use their authentic identities. that is why we tend to need individuals to attach on Intact victimization the name they are going by in way of life. Our genuineness policies area unit meant to form a secure surrounding wherever individuals will trust and hold each other responsible.

False News

Reducing the unfold of false news on Intact could be a responsibility that we have a tendency to take seriously. we have a tendency to additionally acknowledge that this can be a difficult and sensitive issue. we would like to assist folks to keep up on while not stifling productive public discourse. there's additionally a fine line between false news and humor or opinion. For these reasons, we do not take away false news from Intact however instead, considerably scale back its distribution by showing it lower within the News Feed.


When we learn that somebody has passed on to the great beyond, we have a tendency to memorialize the account by adding "Remembering" higher than the name on the person's profile. This makes it clear that the account is currently a memorial website and protects against tried logins and dishonest activity. we have a tendency to don't take away, update, or amendment something concerning the profile or the account as a result of we wish to respect the alternatives somebody created whereas still alive. we've conjointly created it potential for individuals to spot a bequest contact to appear when their account when they pass on. individuals will allow us to recognize ahead if they need their account for good deleted after they die. we have a tendency to could delete profiles once consecutive of kin tells India that the one that passed would have {preferred|most popular|most we have a tendency tull-liked} that we delete the account instead of memorializing it.

Respecting Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Intact takes holding rights seriously and believes they're vital to promoting expression, creativity, and innovation in our community. You own all of the content and data you post on Intact, and your management, however, it's shared through your privacy and application settings. However, before sharing content on Intact, please take care you've got proper to try and do this. we tend to raise that you just respect alternative people’s copyrights, trademarks, and alternative legal rights. we tend to square measure committed to serving individuals and organizations promote and shield their holding rights. Intact’s Terms of Service don't permit individuals to post content that violates somebody else’s holding rights, as well as copyright and trademark. we tend to publish data regarding the holding reports we tend to receive in our bi-annual Transparency Report, which might be accessed at

Content-Related Requests

User Requests

We obey with: User requests for removal of their own account, Requests for removal of a deceased user’s account from a verified immediate friend or fiduciary. Requests for removal of associate degree incapacitated user’s account from a certified representative, Additional Protection of Minors

We follow with: Requests for removal of associate underage account, Government requests for removal of kid abuse imaging, representational process, as an example, beating by associate adult or throttling or smothering by an associate adult, Trustee requests for removal of attacks on accidentally far-famed minors

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