Intact Data Policy

This Data Policy describes the information we process for the working of intact.  For additional information, you can access intact Wiki.

Type of information do we gather from you

  • Content and information provided by you: 
  • All kinds of information are collected when you use our services, sign up for an account or else perform any activity on intact. This may include information about the content you provide, location or dates on which what service was accessed. While you are using intact, our system automatically processes and analysis the content. You can maintain your privacy on intact by controlling what you want to share with others and what not.

  • Connectivity: 
  • We gather information regarding the people and accounts you are connected to and your interaction with them. We use to help other people find you and vice-versa.

  • Usage: 
  • We collect all information regarding your usage on intact; the services you use, the people you interact with, the features that are widely accessed by you and also your duration of activities.

  • Information that others provide about you: 
  • We also keep track of all information that others provide us about you. Which includes your interaction with them, your activities and we also analyse the content and communications.

  • Device Information: 
  • We gather all information about each device used by you to use intact. There is a separate track kept regarding your activities on intact using mobile and information is handled separately when using other devices such as laptops, pc, etc. Information obtained by these devices includes operating system, battery level, app names, plugins, device operations, identifiers( device IDs), Bluetooth and wi-fi signals, network connections and cookie data.

    How we use this information

    The information collected by us is used by us for the following purposes:

    Improve and personalize our services

    After gathering information about your use with respect to our services, we personalize our services for you by tracking your recent activities and we also improve our services by making them easy for you and by providing you with more and more features.  We connect information about your various activities, also connect it with your location and use all this to provide you with good research and development and various ads and other sponsored content.

    Providing analytics and other business services

  • Insuring safety and security:
  • We use the information to detect all the spam and other security-related issues and also take care of privacy thereby ensuring safety, security, and integrity.

  • Communicate with you:
  • We use all this information to communicate with you and provide you with better features and policies according to your activities.

    How do we share this information

    Your information is shared in the following ways:

  • People whom you communicate with and accounts that you share.
  • Content that you share and others share and reshare about you.
  • Information regarding your activities on our services.
  • How can you manage and delete information about yourself

    We allow you to manage information about yourself, delete it and even edit it according to your own convenience. You can delete your account, access or even rectify your data easily.

    You can contact us anytime for help and for any sort of questions. Also, we inform you timely about our change in policies and other updates.

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