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Contribute to the establishment of a privacy-focused global community.

Intact is going to start a community building program where anyone belonging to the Intact community either be a student, artist, actor, musician, etc will be able to be a part of the Intact contributors' community. There is no doubt that the focus of the web is now shifting to the community and the social media now serves as a movement of community contributors to help one another. Social media is now used to give and take, promotion and marketing purpose also. So, the objective of this program is to empower individuals to be a part of a credible community and to enable them to make their best contribution to its establishment. The most important contribution that a user can make to social media is by staying active. So, Intact requires active participation within the community. It is an act of both give and takes. If anything strikes your interest, you can voice your opinion and share your knowledge on the subject. Also, whenever in any doubt, the Intact community will be there to help.

There are various benefits for joining the Intact community building program. Every contributor will get community building recognition. Some special benefits will also be provided to them in Intact services. They can create their own official pages. They can enjoy ad-free services. Also, they will get an extra discount on all Intact partners websites.

Joining the Intact community building program will not only be beneficial to the contributors in services but also it will give an opportunity to them to get exposures in news channels globally. They will receive public recognition and their contribution will be recognized as a tangible asset which will always be available in the Intact Contribution page.

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