Complete growth happens when friends become coaches? (2019 Master Pack)


Friends manage your emotions when you are sad they come into your life as a moral beacon and show you how life works support you on how to live your life and multiply the happiness of your life...

They are there to celebrate when you succeed.

And they are there to support you when you have fallen down.....they teach us the meaning of this quote

"Why do we fall?  We fall so that we learn to pick ourselves up" because they are there for us....when we have fallen down. Just think! How beautiful! Our life will become when these very same people become our coaches our guides!

I believe our life's goal should be to find our weaknesses and work on them to make them our strengths and as our friends our "true friends" where there for us when we where down on the ground fallen: biting dust and they where there when we wanted to just cry and disappear into oblivion they where there 

To witness our greatest strengths as well as our worst weaknesses "They" know our weaknesses better then we know those weaknesses 

And when they become our coach, our guide, our guiding light in this ever dark world where darkness blooms and chasm of emptiness looms in every corner threatening....when they become our coaches our guide they commit themselves to help us to improve our weaknesses and convert them into strength 

They help us to perfect ourselves by becoming our coach our guide our very own source of light which helps us navigate on the path of self-betterment

Yeah I have to agree on the job of a guide is to merely point towards the direction in which we must go....the path in that direction has to be journeyed by us and us alone

The moment when your friend become your the moment they dedicate themselves to make you better and in return you become a stronger and more powerful being who's no of weaknesses are reducing day by day

Very few..are fortunate enough to find a friend who can also act as a coach...finding a guide and a coach in one person is a blessing which only a few are fortunate enough to comprehend

Yeah the best they can do is to show you the path you have to walk on it yourself but yourself tell me? Isn't a path laid down by a guide with a clear goal at the end way better than trotting into an unknown path and not knowing what is there at the end of that path?

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