The right way to use Pendleton Feedback Model


Pendleton’s feedback model

Pendleton’s feedback model makes the receiver to contemplate on the behaviour before the feedback is given. This is very useful as it derives the desired and undesired behaviour of the receiver. The steps to implement this model are-

  1. Ask for the permission for giving feedback- This is the first and important step of the process. Be casual at this phase and ask in a friendly way so that the receiver won’t refuse for receiving feedback. For example, you can say, ‘Hey John, can I have a minute? Can we talk about what happened at the meeting today?”
  2. Ask for the positive points in the receiver- The next step begins with highlighting and letting the receiver contemplate on their positive behaviour. This will help the receiver and the giver of feedback see how the person has been working hard or giving results. 
  3. Tell the positive points of the receiver- This will encourage the receiver that you appreciate their work and behaviour. The receiver, in any case, won’t feel that you are just good at criticizing but also know the efforts the receiver puts in.
  4. Ask for the negative points- This can tough but be enough friendly with the receiver that he/she will give you the honest thoughts and won’t avoid answering this question.
  5. Tell the negative points- At this step you have to be honest, and let them know what the undesired behaviour was. Here you should also give advice for improvement and avoid mistakes in the future. If the person receives it willingly, know that the process was successful. Here you may also know about the issues the receiver is facing at work. 

Strengths of Pendleton’s model-

  1. Helps the receiver for looking into their own weakness and strength.
  2. Allows the receiver to see the undesired behaviour
  3. It’s a two-way communication which makes the receiver comfortable.

Difficulties with the Pendleton’s model-

  1. A receiver may not necessarily be honest when telling about the weaknesses or undesired behaviour.
  2. It may also make a receiver afraid of why they are been dragged into a conversation.
  3. It is a time-consuming process.

The bottom line is giving feedback is essential with Pendleton if you have enough time and want to keep the feedback process friendly. 


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