Using the SBI Model for More Effective Daily Feedback


SBI model for feedback

We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.-Bill Gates

Giving feedbacks is often tricky. Both positive and negative feedbacks are unwelcome because they create uncomfortable, intimidating and awkward situations. Hence for this, it is essential to use a framework that gives desirable outcomes. 

What is SBI model?

SBI model is focused on specific behaviour. SBI model of feedback gives outlines to the impact of behaviour of a certain person. The aim of this model is to focus on facts instead of using too many words. Give analysis to the situation, highlight the behaviour and how it would impact people around or the organisation. While using this model, there may come up the other reasons to behaviour or a person and help to solve the problem.





  1. Situation- At this stage, a situation is explained which involves what has happened or when it has happened. It gives us time and place or when and where of situation. For example- in the meeting or at the boss’s cabin. Here it is specified the reason to giving feedback.
  2. Behaviour- Secondly, The behaviour is addressed as to what exactly the person did. It gives facts as what a person who is giving feedback wants to discuss. Here it is necessary to state your observations. Don’t go for negativity or burst of emotions like –‘I feel greatly disappointed in you as always.’ Try not to derive anything as yet. We want to know why the situation raised or what made person act in this way. 
  3. Impact- Use ‘I’ instead of ‘You’. For example don’t do with- You are responsible for negative outcomes or loss. Be precise about how felt in a kind way. For example- ‘I felt like you should control your anger and take control of feelings too. This would help in long run.’ 

Here it is possible to get new information or facts from the person you are giving feedback too. For example a person may be facing some crisis due which he/she has frustration and which came up at the work place. Being friendly as well supportive can help this feedback to be successful. At the end the conversation can become a two street hence giving more scope for modifications in behaviour. A person may sometimes not aware of the impact his/her behaviour has which should be stated. This may take explanations. 

Let us evaluate SBI model with help of an example:

Max: Jim, may I talk to you for a minute?

Jim: Yeah. Tell me.

Max: Jim, I observed that you lost temper today in morning meeting while Susan was stated her point which was against yours. I think this can strain relations between you and your colleague. Can you work on this? What are your thoughts?

Jim: I am sorry Max. I was very frustrated due to bills I got to pay and it all came up at work. I will work on it. 

Here in the above conversation, Jim was asked that what he thought about this. This made Jim to share his thoughts too and gave reason for his behaviour. Max was supportive and friendly too. Instead of losing temper he was giving precise about the impact of Jim’s behaviour. 

SBI model of feedback is very useful and can be used in any profession. It creates positivity among the people who are receiving and giving feedbacks, as it is precise about the impacts. Intact world is a feedback social network where you can share engage with superior people, stay connected to experts and unlock your potential with continuous feedback reward and recognition  As a well-known quote goes- A good feedback is key for improvement.

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