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Intact makes receiving tangible recognition simple

Real-time feedback and recognition

Support and guide with personalized discussions, Praise progress towards goals and boost morale with peer recognition. A culture of recognition that celebrates wins, big and small.

Increase clarity and alignment

Learn, understand, and act on your insights to align and equip yourself, allow peoples to get engaged, and inspire action that makes a difference. Instill a culture of peer-to-peer recognition and improve morale and performance.

Personal OKRs with Personalized Analytics

Collect genuine peoples feedback and organize your goals with OKR. Get a graphical view on your most important feedback metrics with our pre-built dashboards.

360-degree feedback

For a well-rounded view of your impact. A revolutionary 360-degree performance management practice that gets relevant 360° and upward feedback.

Best-Self Review

Capture the full picture of your performance, Monitor and learn to reach your highest potential. A one-stop destination to track all your accomplishments and plan for personal and professional growth.

Accelerate Personal growth

From identifying personal challenges early on and managing the right resources, we provide you all the tools to drive your self-development and ultimately enhance professional growth.

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Learn a little more about Intact and how we started

Pratyush Nema was an undergraduate at Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University in 2017. As part of the coursework, He wrote a cyber-awareness book to encourage people to take their information into their own hands. They found that many people around the world trust others. But in most cases, this majority plays a big role in the data breach. Pratyush thought of a more efficient social networking idea. He wrote a last-minute paper that a company that provides a platform that enables users to communicate with transparency and gives them the power to recognize what is potentially harmful for them and underlines User-managed social networking platform can be a better business. And start...

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None of us ever do great things alone. But we can all do small things to achieve big


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Pratyush Nema
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