White Paper Documents


Intact is a social networking ecosystem: a revolutionary, trust-oriented platform that is built upon a foundation of transparency – one that will enable its community of users to foster meaningful connections, forge business relationships, and more, without having to worry about anything related to the word “fake” again. Moreover, because Intact is the first social networking platform in the world that is fully transparent, and one that is truly dedicated towards strengthening the global community, not only is Intact a game changer, but its core mission is the betterment of humanity.

Intact comes with an aim of the global network initiative and constantly working towards making present technologies more transparent. Intact breaks down all gender-based barriers and allows users to connect on an equal level. We feel that quality and security take president above all. Which is why intact will keep your information secure. While allowing you a chance to safely connect with users. Intact allow users to meet up with other creative people and find friends who like the same hobbies as you and surround yourself with a positive and inspiring culture without any limits.

Intact is your one stop page for all the latest videos, pictures and articles. Get amazing contents that grab your personal interest all in one place. Intact understand everyone would love to collaborate with friends and family online. Family sharing makes long distance relationships bearable. Intact mission "To empower people to create a transparent community that makes the world more authentic and united." And we are working with vision "To make everyday more peaceful and the world more transparent.".

Intact community enables you to connect with community family members who empower your understanding, intimacy and mutual values. We are a family of open-minded people who promote kindness. We're all working together to restore the spirit of humanity and common brotherhood. Our mission is to make the world more authentic and united. our unity is our power. be a power of our unity. be an intactian! Join us and contribute to the establishment of a trustworthy community!

Intact connects two central split segments together and offer in an enduring form.

Our main focus is to make the world's most trusted network. The core functionality of the intact network is giving people the power to give their actionable advice (Feedback) to others. Our objective is to provide a platform in which one person can help another person. It can help him to move forward. We want to create an environment in which people can stay connected with their people in every trouble to reach their goals and receive their instructions.

Intact Network keeps the achievements and goodwill of each user and it shows to the whole community. This goodwill motivates the entire community to move forward.

In today's situation, every single network suffers from an onslaught of problems, these problems are coming from both internal and external sources.

External sources such as circulation of misinformation and misdirection, the crisis of fake accounts, data misuse, critical malware transmission, tearable cyberbullying which includes advanced social engineering, information penetration, phishing and many more.

Internal sources are also responsible for several social network problems such as improper privacy features, socialbot, Preference reproduction and the absence of queue preference notification (notification whitelists). Constantly creates addiction among users. this serious problem originates FOMO (Fear of missing out) and many other problems.

We are constantly trying to solve all these problems.

The intact network combines multiple smart technologies to make users experience more authentic and highly convenient. we are especially concentrated on users privacy shelter by our ADS (Action Detection System).

The intact network offers various features that enable users to control personal and public presence in a prioritized way. Some advanced features such as:

  • Connection Grouping (CG)
  • User Post Grouping (UPG)
  • User Priority Manager (UPM)
  • Profile Image Variation (PIV), Live Profile Picture (LPP)
  • Prioritize Network Scheduling (PNS)
  • Anti Viral (AV)
  • Advance Information Protection System (AIPS)
  • Advance Violence Detection & Protection System (AVDPS)
  • User Verification Identification System (UVIS)
The intact network takes immediate action against Spam and Fake activities.