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Intact is a social networking ecosystem. It is a revolutionary, trust-oriented platform that is built upon the foundation of transparency. It enables its community of users to build up meaningful connections across the world. Moreover, Intact is the first social networking platform in the world that is fully transparent and is truly dedicated towards strengthening the global community. Not only Intact is a game changer, but also its core mission is the betterment of humanity.

Intact exists because it aims at global network initiative and constantly working towards making present technologies more transparent. It allows users to connect on an equal level. Its main focus is on quality and security and thus keeps the information secure. Using Intact users can safely connect with others and share their life with the world without having any risk of anyone being fake. It also helps people to make their online presence more worthy.

The purpose of Intact community is to connect people all around with safety and transparency. It aims at making the world more authentic and united. There will be no gender-based barriers and no harm to the privacy of any user. Many times we hear of people making misuse of someone’s pictures posted online. What happens on other social platforms is once a picture is viral, there is no other way to stop it. But Intact has some algorithms to save users from this type of situations as the user while posting the picture, can choose the people he/she wants to share his feed with. Moreover, Intact is free of all types of cyber crimes because the platform is completely transparent and it does not allow any fake ID of any user. It authenticates every user being registered and so it is the best place to promote your views, meet new people, aid communication and find new job prospects.

When we talk of the disadvantages of social media the first thing that strikes us is people forget their family and get addicted to their online friends. Intact turns out to be a boon for such people who feel neglected as there is no gender-based or age-based barrier for using Intact. It is for all the age group people and everyone has the freedom to connect to anyone in the world, it may be their childhood friend or any neighbor or even their own family members. Intact is not only for wasting your time by just being online like other social platforms. Using Intact can be more productive than it can be thought of. Connecting to people of your interest can help you seek job opportunities too. By seeing the achievements of others it can encourage you to set your goals. Moreover, Intact being transparent saves people from cybercrime and bullying.

The intact network takes immediate action against Spam and Fake activities.

Intact uses various technologies to solve security issues. It provides individual personalization options to keep every bit of information safe. With the help of Profile Page Accessibility Controlling System, it enables the profile owner to keep an eye on his stalker and see all the activities performed by him. Also Intact provides a very simple interface which examines the logs and detects the harm. The highly sensitive information of every user is secured by High-Grade Encryption and wisely created Algorithms with 1024+S bit encryption. Every information is encrypted in such an efficient way that even under the worst circumstances, the information of our users cannot go viral. Besides this, there is Real-Time Access Blocking which migrates the risk of data misuse by super intelligent real-time access blocking system. The Runtime Thread Monitoring prevents unwanted thread that are potentially harmful to your online presence and controls them. Also, there can be a situation when someone tries to misuse a users account. To stop this there is a functionality provided which needs to be activated and after that, it checks for all the ongoing activities. If any suspected activity does not last for more than 2 minutes then the system will automatically lock the account. After that special permission will be required to unlock it which only the authenticated user can do.

Intact is a global community for humans committed to transform themselves and the world and to create a world of connection, presence and mutual support. It facilitates the creation of a new age of cooperation, collaboration, innovation, creativity and increased happiness for humanity. It makes communication simpler and safer than never before. Moreover, it provides a trusted platform to express oneself. Business people can promote their brands and services to real people. Chefs can share their latest recipes. Musicians can post their upcoming events. Athletes can share their victory. In short, it can be said that Intact is a platform for people from every field.

Intact has various advantages and the most important one is the security of the user. Since it is a transparent platform, there is no scope for any kind of cybercrime or bullying. There is no privacy threat. Every single information is encrypted and cannot be leaked under any circumstances.
Apart from these privacy-related issues Intact is useful in other ways too. It serves as a platform of rejoice and happiness. It allows connecting people from every corner of the world. It can also be useful from career point of view. Like if there is any actor who is in search of a platform to showcase his talents then by connecting the people from such fields he can have a chance to do so. Then taking other examples of people such as artists who need their followers to join them in their art galleries can post their works in Intact feed and can encourage people to join him. For the students who just waste their time being online, Intact can become a source of motivation for them when they see the achievements of their age group students. Lastly, for the housewives who have nothing to do apart from their regular housework can spend some time on Intact and can connect to chefs and try out their recipes in her free time. There can be various such examples that prove that Intact is the best social platform one can be on.

Joining Intact community is important if you want to be on a transparent platform which has no barriers, if you want to utilize your time rather than just wasting it on any other social site and if you want to increase your online community. Intact is the safest place to be on and it promotes the well being of its users by applying various algorithms to secure the privacy of its users.